COVID-19 Queer Aid

Mutual Aid

We coordinate grassroots support for anyone who is quarantined, self-isolating, or at high risk. Mutual aid could look like: shopping, driving someone to medical appointments, checking-in on someone, gardening, cooking, pet-sitting, sewing reusable face-masks, or offering emotional support. Mutual aid is solidarity not charity!

Our Facebook Group is a place to share ideas and strategies for organising, information, and to generally connect. The networks we build and strengthen now will outlast this crisis.

Our Projects

Volunteer Handbook

Our Volunteer Handbook outlines a set of working guidelines for offering safe and effective support. Comments, ideas, and critique is very welcome! As the crisis evolves, so will our response.

Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group is used to coordinate quick support between members, share information on queer mutual aid and connected struggles. You can find the admin guidelines here.