These admin guidelines are for Queer Aid’s Facebook group. Please read these before posting! Any feedback is very welcome - if you have any questions or comments, get in touch with us at or make a post in the group.

COVID-19 Queer Aid Naarm/Melbourne is a radical queer space. Ableism, racism, sexism, classism, antisemitism, homophobia, fatphobia, transphobia, drug shaming, etc. will not be tolerated.

Requests/Offers for Help

Feel free to post offers and requests in the group. If you have resources to share, feel free to post this in the group too. Please use topics to sort your posts.


We are all flooded with information, and most of us are checking mainstream sources way more than we should be. Please don’t post general news articles about the virus.

We welcome news posts on topics that are relevant to queer mutual aid, or other interlinked struggles, e.g. disability rights, rent strikes, economic justice, workers rights, debt amnesty, information for migrants and refugees, etc. Also welcome are posts that update how we can navigate mutual aid, e.g. food handling information, new police powers.

Networking and Calls to Action

Networking information and calls to action from other related groups is welcome! Let’s move beyond mutual aid into mutual action.


We don’t mind the odd meme. Please keep in mind that too many memes and ‘cute’ posts can drown out more vital information.

Prescription Medication

Many of us are worried about access to necessary prescription medicine over the next few months. While we have a variety of opinions on sharing prescription meds, we have decided that we cannot allow sharing in the group. This is because:

  • It may compromise people’s ability to participate (e.g. medical professionals).
  • It endangers the existence of the group in this online space.
  • It potentially makes admins legally culpable.

Instead of directly requesting medicine, you could:

  • Ask for help ringing around pharmacies or finding a doctor.
  • Ask if someone can pick up your prescriptions for you.
  • Ask for cash help with doctor’s appointments or pharmacy costs.

Drugs and Other Illegal Substances

Organising your gear over a political Facebook group with 1400+ strangers is not a good idea. Nothing on Facebook is ever really deleted, and remains searchable by police and immigration forever.

Offering or requesting drugs in the group could lead to it being deleted. Please use your personal networks for this.